-We combine quality, comfort and convenience Our factory-direct service is fast, friendly and reliable. The workforce at Maven averages 7+ years with the company, this longevity provides our customers with consistent products & service, year after year.

-Our soft, high pile American made synthetic fleece allows fresh air to circulate freely underneath the patient, keeping the  patient cool in summer and warm in winter. All materials are stain-resistant, hypoallergenic, nontoxic and flame resistant. Products are also machine washable and dryable. 

-Maven Medical is not a middle man We design and manufacture our products; so, we are uniquely positioned to find innovative solutions to your specific needs. 

-We sell at factory-direct prices We are an excellent supplier, shipping 83% of our orders within 24 hours and 98% within 48 hours.


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Our staff is ready to take your call and will handle your business with the upmost effciency and pace. Our contact info is available at the top of this page in the center column.

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Each one of our products is drafted up then assembled in our own facility. Custom orders are then possible and we will be happy to cater to your specific needs.

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Maven's business plan from the start has always primarily dealt with pleasing our clientel. We do our best to serve the customer's interests and producing a quality product.

Contact Info
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Maven Medical Mfg.
Largo, Fl. 12345

(727) 518-0555
Fax: (727) 518-0444

Jun 11, 2010     
A new updated website is now available. more information and resources will be available soon. Sorry for

Jun 11, 2010
It has been announced that a limited photo gallery of our expertly crafted products will be available on the webpage soon stay posted for more